How to Choose the Right Extension for Your Home

Posted by concept on April 28, 2016

How to Choose the Right Extension for Your Home


Whether it’s a single-storey extension, a conservatory, a double-storey extension or a loft conversion, there are endless benefits to extending your home. Planning an extension is an exciting time, and it will certainly be worth the effort you put in choosing the right style.

Choose an extension based on your requirements

Once you have decided exactly why you need the extra space, it will become easier to choose the right extension for you. If you would like an extra living area or a dining room, a conservatory offers a versatile space that would bring plenty of light into the room. Or perhaps you need an extra bedroom for a growing family? A single or double extension would accommodate this.

Another reason to add an extension is to add value to your home. If this is your main motivation, we recommend doing some extra research to guarantee the best possible return on your investment:

Know the local area

Do you live in an area popular with families, or is it more suited to young professionals? Knowing the draws of your local area will help you to decide whether to build a family-sized kitchen or convert the loft into a home office.

Chat to an Estate Agent

A local estate agent will be able to advise on the most popular types of extended properties in your area. Most areas will have a top value, so you want to make sure you are not over developing, but still getting the most out of your investment. If you want to add value to your home, it is vital to conduct this research so that you can choose the extension that will bring the most return.  

Explore the Planning Portal offers a host of information surrounding home improvements – here you can discover what does or does not require planning permission, and the steps to take based on the type of extension you are looking for. The interactive house is a particularly useful tool for finding out the next steps to take.

Meet with a planning officer

If your extension requires planning permission, it is advised that you have a chat with a planning officer, who can identify any problems with your site. Power cables, roads, footpaths or telephone lines could all affect the type of extension you could apply for, so it’s best to gather all this information before making your final plans.

Contact an expert

Concept in Brickwork offers many years of experience in this industry and can give advice on the best extension, whether it’s to add value, bring more light into your home or simply create more space. 

If you would like more help choosing the right extension for your home, feel free to contact us