How to Apply for Planning Permission

Posted by admin on April 4, 2016

How to Apply for Planning Permission - building plans

So, you think you need planning permission for your new extension or home improvements. But where do you start?

Here at Concept in Brickwork, we want to offer advice and help you find the right information for your planning application. If you have any questions while reading this article, please feel free to give us a call!

Where to Apply for Planning Permission

Applications need to be submitted to your local planning authority. You can reach this through the website of your local council, where you can either start an online application or download the forms to send in the post.

Ways to Apply for Planning Permission

The easiest way to apply for planning permission is online, through the government’s Planning Portal. The portal will guide you through the application and make sure that you only supply the information that is relevant to the project you are applying for. There’s no need to worry about finding your local planning authority either – the portal will ensure it reaches the right hands.

If you are not so confident with using a computer for your application, you can download the forms and print them to send to your local planning authority by post. If you are not sure which planning authority to choose, the Planning Portal will help you find the right one based on your address.

Choosing the Right Application

It is essential that you choose the right consent to apply for, otherwise, it could be invalid and you will have to start the process again. Meeting with a planning officer will help you to decide on the right application – please find more details of this below.

Meeting a Planning Officer

It is recommended to meet with a planning officer for pre-application advice – just an informal chat that will help you work out what you need to apply for and what your local planning authority requires. This benefits everyone involved: for planning authorities, it reduces high volumes of invalid applications, and for you, it helps with grasping the process and knowing how policies and requirements will affect your application.

Most councils will have a duty planning officer available to chat if you arrange an appointment in advance. At your meeting, you should show the officer your plans and discuss your chances of getting permission. Remember to ask about site problems such as power cables, roads, sewers etc., and how these might affect the application.

What to Include in a Planning Application

Alongside the standard application form, your planning application must include a number of documents required nationwide. These include the location plan, the site plan, an ownership certificate and an agricultural certificate, and a design and access statement. The correct fee should also be enclosed – you can calculate this in a few simple steps online.

Your local planning authority might require some extra documents that would vary depending on your application. Details of this will be made clear on your local planning authority’s website.

We hope you are feeling more prepared for making a planning application. If you are still in any doubt on what to do next, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the experts here at Concept in Brickwork.